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Sci-fi novel now available from DC member kyrathaba!

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What r your fav rpg systems,  wraith?
-kyrathaba (July 26, 2013, 10:54 PM)
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Historically, it's been RoleMaster, GURPS, and Amber.

As of late, I still use Amber (its great for online RPGs) and variations on that that I've created- but I've been gravitating towards Fate and DungeonWorld/ApocalypseWorld.  There's also an Amber rules based (and idea based) RPG coming out from a Kickstarter that I'm waiting for- Lords of Gossamer and Shadow.

More links to campaigns and such:

And a very much recommended forum on narrative based games:

^ Loved the Amber books. Have read them all at least twice, maybe three times. Never tried the RPG.

I hail from a D&D/AD&D background. Ran a 2nd edition campaign for 2 years on and a 3 year Dominion Rules campaign on another play-by-post site.

Lords of Gossamer and Shadow looks very promising...

Are you running any active online campaigns that have openings. If so, what RPG system and character-slots needed?

wraith, I have this page available via my account settings on

Is this something where I can take data you provide and plug it in, or am I instead waiting on some specific info from cheapname?

You don't need your own nameservers (no need to Add new nameservers, these are almost exclusively used in dedicated/VPS server set ups). In namecheap use the ones wraith will send you  in "Domain Name Server Setup" replacing any defaults)

I am assuming wraith is creating an account on a share space for you not allocating/creating something on a VPS/dedicated setup

Ok. Awaiting data from wraith. Bear with me guys: I'm new at this...


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