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Sci-fi novel now available from DC member kyrathaba!

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Any recommendations on where I go to purchase the domain? Figure purchase it so it doesn't expire for several years?

There was this recent thread,, are some of the recommendations.

Have purchased your book and look forward to reading it! Being a fellow DC'er makes me feel like I almost know a real author ;)

I'm curious about a few things and hopefully you could be of help... When you first got the idea to this novel, how did you develop the plot and characters? Did everything sort of "just appear" or did it start with a premise and then take off from there?

How did you set about writing it? I've got a few story ideas, and sometimes I sit down, fire up a word editor and ... very little happens... :( I write a few sentences but what I write seems a bit phony (usinga word by a favourite fictional character of mine, guess who?). What was the start of writing this novel like for you?

Thanks for any input!

I know you asked Bryan, but I figured I'd chime in, as I'm working through this now.

I find that for me, when creating a new world, it's best to start with that rather than the story.  Taking notes about key elements that I want to appear in the novel.  Key characters, places, alliances, etc.  Then, once I had all of that, at first I started with the novel... but I found that it still wasn't solid in my mind.  So I decided on an approach based on a writer that I really respect.  The best way to write is to... write.  And to... finish.  It seems like it's pretty obvious, but it wasn't to me.

Set a goal of how many words you're going to write a day, and just like consistency is key in exercise, it is key in writing.  And just like with exercise you don't start out with a marathon, don't start out with a 50k+ novel.  Short stories help to gel the world in your mind... to make it come alive.  It also helps you to get better.

In general, my stories were to gel a world for RPGs or PbEMs before now.  But I've been inspired. :)  But I can say that they do help.  And there's a variety of places that accept and publish short stories, and it gets you in the mind of actually finishing something to actually submit.  That's been my biggest obstacle- actually finishing something.

There was this recent thread,, are some of the recommendations.
-rgdot (July 26, 2013, 02:07 PM)
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I still haven't chosen yet... moving a large number of domains, I need to get the cash first to do so.  But the one I think I was going to go with from that thread was 1&1, though my reason (the free private registration) might not be of importance to you.


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