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Sci-fi novel now available from DC member kyrathaba!

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I understood what you meant :)  You meant the excerpt that people put in (or used to put in... I've seen a lot without them lately) that will get you started reading.

Oh, okay, you did understand my meaning :) Yeah, I'm thinking of just putting something brief at the very beginning to summarize the book, kind of like paperback's have on the back cover.

Perry and 4wd, went through Prologue to Ch 10 and actioned every comment, bringing my Jutoh manuscript into line. Will pick back up at beginning of Chapter 11, hopefully tomorrow.

Beta version has been sent to proofreaders.


 I just found an error in Prologue:

>> “The hardware we’ve got down here is, as you might expect, even better than what I programmed on at MIT, before The Attack. Suddenly he shot Byron a grin.

Missing quotation mark after "Attack". Fixed.


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