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Sci-fi novel now available from DC member kyrathaba!

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If Zuzana was to be included in the VR journey from the start now, I think you still only mention a total of "four total immersion pods" later in the meeting.
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Only room in their hiding spot for four pods. Touchy subject that the five hadn't broached, as far as who gets left behind. Probably the good Dr. Hasser would have sacrificed his spot out of consideration for the pair of love-birds, and his own medical duties to the community. Or, Zuzana, being in relative terms the Johnny-come-lately to this group, might have had a tearful scene of parting with Byron. Or maybe Byron, nobly, would have knocked her out and sent her in his stead, asking Eddie to watch over her like a father...

BTW, I'm not turning this from a labour of love into a major PITA am I?
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Not at all! I'm very much indebted to your thoroughness. It will be a much better novel because of your keen observations.

@40hz. Don't worry. There will be other references about the "hot readhead"  ;D

Incidentally, this is probably going to be the longest book I've ever read since I start at page one with every iteration of it
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Same here. Every time I add a chapter, I email the newly updated "book" to my tablet to see how it looks/reads on my tablet's Kindle app.

Chapter 7 completed and uploaded to original post. There's now a single zip file. It contains both .epub and .mobi file versions.

Prologue through Chapter 7 is 21,824 words, to date.

You are inspiring me to finish my work. :)


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