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Sci-fi novel now available from DC member kyrathaba!

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Oops, apologies 4wd :) I'm gonna add some Thanks You's in the front matter, mentioning names of proofreaders. Next upload will have Chapter 6 plus correction of their -> there in Ch. 2.

I always think of yours as referring to vehicles (4WD ... even if it's not)-wraith808 (June 14, 2013, 08:25 AM)
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Rest assured, it does...or to be more precise, the activity I enjoy the most  :)

Oops, apologies 4wd :)-kyrathaba (June 14, 2013, 08:26 AM)
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Only having a bit of fun with you :D

Perry Mowbray:
Couple more from me (enjoyed the read!  :Thmbsup: Hurry up with your writing!!!!  :-*):

Page 8 "anti virus" could be "anti-virus" / "antivirus"?

Chapter 1:
Page 9 "existing infractstructure" should be "infrastructure"

Chapter 2:
Page 10 "accompanies group pasttimes" should be "pastimes"
Page 10 "wiggle-room for screwups" should be "screw-ups"
Page 10 "Excute these commands" should be "Execute"

Chapter 3:
Page 11 "responsibility lays on the shoulders of a leader" I would have said "lies"?
Page 11 "ongoing coverup, if there is one" should be "cover-up" or "cover up"
Page 11 "heavy plastic toolcase" I would have thought it should be "tool case"?
Page 11 "Zuzana unzipped the heavy dufflebag" same for "duffle bag"?
Page 11 "The ride to our dropoff point" should be "drop-off" or "drop off"

Chapter 4:
Page 12 "here for millenia after we’re gone" should be "millennia"

About the Author:
Page 14 "last few year’s in DonationCoder’s" should be "years"
Page 14 "local methodist church" should definitely be "Methodist"

OK, forgive me for going Sherlock Holmes on you here but there is a rather large inconsistancy, (well, to me anyway), I've found.

See how I go:

Monday, June 11, 2283, 2014 hours
With a heavily encrypted brief message, Sethra announced an impromptu meeting in his cubicle, sending the chime to Byron, Zuzana, and Eddie.
--- End quote ---

By my count that's four people in his room, (the sudden introduction of Zuzana where I would have thought it would be Veronee throws me a bit but to continue), this is borne out further on where Zuzana says:

"I borrowed these from an Environmental supply cache. Four suits won't be missed, especially since they're disposable after each use."
--- End quote ---

And further on:

Byron showed off his pistol, and explained its function, which drew whistles and utterances of genuine admiration from the other three...
--- End quote ---

A bit further:

...and the foursome bumbled their way forward in darkness, then clumsily boarded the large robotic vehicle.
--- End quote ---

I think that pretty much establishes there are four people on the way to the Shaft yet when we get there, there are five of them: Sethra, Byron, Eddie, Veronee and Zuzana.

It seems someone has teleported in from somewhere  ;)

It seems Perry and I have little to do after midnight here...sleep is obviously not on our agenda  ;D

4wd has a career in movie production if he's interested in being responsible for continuity. ;D

P.M. some of those may be attributable to differences in American English spelling conventions and current usage. Last I checked screwups screw-ups and screw ups were all considered acceptable spelling variations. At least over here.


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