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Sci-fi novel now available from DC member kyrathaba!

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Be alerted, 40hz, it ends on a cliffhanger. A couple of reviewers have griped about that, but they also both said they HAVE to buy volume 2, to find out what happens (see my plan?) I'd appreciate your review on Goodreads and Amazon when you've read the book :)
-kyrathaba (August 03, 2013, 02:14 PM)
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Works for me. Once I find something I like, I want more of it. Probably why I like really good mystery writers so much. The authors just keep cranking the titles out - and I keep buying them. ;D

And I will do a review. Promise.

BTW - Sorry I dropped out of the editing process. Got busy for a week or so. And in the meantime, you (and your hounds) were so on it, and so far ahead of me, that I figured I'd best leave y'all to it! Besides, it looked to me like you already had enough exceptionally good editor/readers. Sometimes having too many people offering input makes for more confusion than not.

You and your team did an exceptional job btw. Finished the first three chapters before I had to stop and go do things.

I must say I'm impressed. :Thmbsup:

I must say I'm impressed.
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Ah, sweet words to my ears (or, in this case, eyes).

If possible and you get the chance, no hurry, let me know the shipping/handling to Canada.

When my copies arrive,  I'll look into it at my local post office. Cost me about 5 USD to send a similar weight book to a friend for his birthday,  but that was intranational...

Need help.

I have the WP plugin for GeSHi installed, and here's the code I'm using (what's in quote tags is what's in my editor before I click Update on the post:

<pre lang="csharp">
using System;
using System.Runtime.InteropServices;
using System.Windows.Forms;

namespace MoveFormWithoutTitlebar {
public partial class Form1 : Form {

public const int WM_NCLBUTTONDOWN = 0xA1;
public const int HT_CAPTION = 0x2;

public static extern int SendMessage(IntPtr hWnd,
int Msg, int wParam, int lParam);

public static extern bool ReleaseCapture();

public Form1() {

private void Form1_MouseDown(object sender, MouseEventArgs e) {
if (e.Button == MouseButtons.Left) {


--- End quote ---

But I get this single line instead of a nice multi-lined formatted code output:


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