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Sci-fi novel now available from DC member kyrathaba!

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You're probably right. Guess I jumped the gun. Its just: the Wordpress looks so much better, I felt embarrassed by the Blogger look/feel.

Don't keep your same look and feel... you can even use SCC to copy the header from Wordpress and use that as the banner on you blogger site.  And all you have to do is have a blurb about you moved, and this is the new address.

By the way, I suggest you remove one of the search boxes.

Either remove from sidebar

Appearance --->Widgets ... In the sidebar (right side of page) click on dropdown of the search widget and delete

or remove from the header

Appearance ---> Suffusion Options, then, Sidebars--->Right Header Widgets, choose to hide the search

^ Good observation, rgdot. Did so.

Can't believe this: blog's up 3 days and I've got 20 members already?


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