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Sci-fi novel now available from DC member kyrathaba!

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I'm writing the book in software produced by the man behind wxWidgets, Dr. Julian Smart. The application is called Jutoh. Here's a screenshot:

Sci-fi novel now available from DC member kyrathaba!

Anyone finding it enjoyable?
-kyrathaba (June 13, 2013, 05:51 PM)
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I am. Very. :Thmbsup:

(Thanks for putting a redhead in it too! ;D)

@40hz: The redhead is based on my wife :)

Just finished Chapter 5. Will copy-edit tomorrow when I'm fresh.

I'm 23% of my way to an 80,000 word novel.

Perry Mowbray:
Are you taking proofreading finds?

From page 14: "a" should be "as
Sethra tuned out, and subvocalized, “Resume dictation. Dr. Hasser has his head on straight, and the Administrator has his head in the clouds, perhaps saying hello to the aliens, if they’re still up there, and politely and charmingly asking for their help in ‘Project Moving Deeper.’” Sethra grinned and glanced around the circular, twenty meter diameter chamber, trying to take the emotional temperature of the group a a whole. Lots of crossed arms. Even more glazed expressions, though that could be
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are you taking proofreading finds?
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Thanks So much, Perry! Yes, any proofreading finds are greatly appreciated!


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