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Sci-fi novel now available from DC member kyrathaba!

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Yes 3.5.2 and that's the correct directory.
However I believe the WordPress zip (and tar) will be extracted in /wordpress and not root (public_html). One would have to move the files, before or after upload depending on what is easier.
Then comes creating the database, filling in the details in wp-config and running the install script

Do I upload the Wordpress directory alongside /cgi-bin/ and my root folder /kyrathab/ ? Or do I need to go into my /kyrathab/ folder to install it?

Not sure what the /kyathab folder is? The WordPress files should be in root ( / ), one level up from where they are as of this moment (I am looking at your site)

I uploaded at the same directory depth as /cgi-bin/ (I think that's right). wraith, if you don't care to take a look at setting it up (tying it to a data base, adding Suffusion, etc), I left the password just as it was when you assigned it.

@rgdot. Okay, will move to root.


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