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Sci-fi novel now available from DC member kyrathaba!

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@40hz: if you're reading, though, i'm sure you'll report any problems. I consider everyone who is reading it to be a proofreader.  :)

Working on Chapter 7...

The feedback I've received so far has been invaluable. Thanks so much to those who have caught errors in spelling, in grammar, in logic. I'd also be delighted to read any speculation you have about any of the characters, about the A-3 Compound, about the aliens, etc.

@K - have you checked out this site yet? Once you've gotten it down to a final draft this might be worth considering. I just joined recently under their free option until I get a better feel for it. I can't really recommend or say how well it will ultimately work out since I'm a total noob there. But what I'm seeing looks pretty good so far.

Nice find, 40! I've bookmarked it and imagine I'll definitely take advantage of it before submitting it for e-publishing.


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