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Messed Up in Miami

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If you'd like (and are allowed to from the library), you can upload your source to me and I'll back it up here and through CrashPlan.  Or, you can mail it to me to copy and I'll mail it back.
-skwire (June 14, 2013, 08:08 PM)
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Another idea for dealing with a body of source code (and possibly other documents) is to create an account on and drop the source in a git repo there.  Bitbucket allows you to keep repos private (there's no requirement that repositories be public to be free of charge like on github).  There can be up to 5 users assigned access to a free private repository.

The drawback is that the files can't be uploaded to the repository from something like a library computer, because you need to push them from a local git repo.  But that's a similar situation for getting the files into CrashPlan.

Dropbox is another possibility - Dropbox's web interface should let you upload or access files even from kiosk computers (as long as they let you also access your USB drive).

Now I can avoid chocolate ice cream withdrawal.
-MilesAhead (June 19, 2013, 12:30 PM)
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Live and learn, I didn't know you could withdraw chocolate ice cream with an EBT card. What will you have instead?

Good to know something's working out well for you  :Thmbsup:

Now I can avoid chocolate ice cream withdrawal.
-MilesAhead (June 19, 2013, 12:30 PM)
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Live and learn, I didn't know you could withdraw chocolate ice cream with an EBT card. What will you have instead?
-cranioscopical (June 20, 2013, 09:03 AM)
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Heh heh.  Actually I withdraw the chocolate ice cream from my checking, then deposit it in my pre-paid Visa.  Then the clerk will let me widthraw a pint from the freezer case.  :)   (Nah, EBT is easier.)

Thanks for the sentiments.  It's nice to know I'm still connected to a world where people do more than just dodge the rain. :)

Miles, do you have access to a computer say at the local library where you can do stuff? While I was kinda rambling in that Snack post just now, I'm on the verge of asking you if you are interested in a "Coding Lunch" where it's bigger than a free snack and paid by a medium donation.

Mouser/Miles, if I donate via here, can you/he get it?

Kinda differently, depending on what you have for phone access...
(For example wifi via McDonalds, then some kind of "free via internet" calling?)

I am in need of a sort of virtual assistant and a lot of it is/can easily be phone based. For example, stuff like just calling an agency and asking what their rules for X are, then converting that to a typed list of stuff. I'm only 1 step ahead of you here in NY - no job, though I do have family support on housing. But I have pretty bad ADD/other. And it turns out to my dismay that the "professionals" here charge (insert adjective here) amounts when X % of what I need is so "easy", but it's like Alice in Wonderland here just getting that done.

I can't afford much, but I think I can swing $10 an hour for at least a small-ish bunch of hours.

Genius Developer/Smart Guy -> Homeless = Waste!
We'll have to put a little work into "documentation" so that I can try to apply some payback-services for this, but that's cake. Anything you create for an invoice has to be better than the funny invoices at my old job from contractors! :)

Hmm, what I can do on these machines is close to Guest account.  Even right click of the mouse is disabled.  No way I could install say AHK_L  executables.  I'm pretty much stuck until I can achieve critical mass.  I'll get there, but each step takes so long it's very frustrating.  Like for the bit about not letting us homeless use laptops they invoke some mumbo/jumbo about the shelfter having some tax exempt status, therefore, it doesn't support the library. It's just another artificial barrier.  Like forcing you to shave out in the street using a hand mirror.

I have to progress like The Heat did last night.  Get 3 points, give up 2.  :)


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