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Messed Up in Miami

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Some of you were wondering why I fell off the face of the Earth.  Simple foreclosure victim. I'm living on the streets of Miami.  Unfortunately a couple weeks ago a pick pocket took my wallet while I was sleeping(they cut your pocket out with a razor so you won't wake up.)  I just got a Miami library card. So I'll be able to get online a couple of hours a day.  But now I have the problem of replacing debit and ebt cards without a safe mail address in Miami.  The shelters aren't the place to have mailed anything containing something that feels like a credit card. :)

Just thought I'd post to let you all know I'm still alive.  So far I still have a USB with my AHK_L source code.  Hepefully at some point I can get back to a normal life.   The irony is the theif got $2 in cash.  He didn't get anything out of my checking or EBT accounts.  It's just the grief of no access while replacing the cards.

Bruins and Heat are both in the finals but I have to settle for listening on radio.  Sucks when I used to have HDTV.  :)



Good luck Miles!

I've been OD'ing on Dr. Who and other SciFi lately, and I'm giggling about a mental image of using your prior software to fix your life!

"Hit control F10 and a special version of BBSS recreates your wallet!"

Or find a DC friend in Miami, and have the stuff sent over there.

It's really nice to hear from you Miles.. And I'm really sorry about your situation.. I've send a small donation your way -- I hope others will as well.

Or find a DC friend in Miami, and have the stuff sent over there.
-Ath (June 10, 2013, 04:07 PM)
--- End quote ---

Dude, if I lived in Miami, you'd totally have a roof over your head to recover at.  That said, I don't, but I'm praying PLEASE some DC'er in Florida lend a hand, hm?


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