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File history (time machine) in win 8: worth exploring?

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I care about file history because I'm hoping to have something like version control for DAW files.
Here's an interesting thread describing a product that goes in that direction:
-urlwolf (April 15, 2013, 07:39 AM)
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I'm not familiar with the world you're describing (music/daws) but I'll chance asking:
why not use a dedicated app?
You would presumably have more control. Filehamster (FH) is the only one I know that allows you add comments to the saved version. It's limited in ways, but it works. (I'd dearly love if they developed that whole aspect of FH but they show no interest.) I use FH for some jobs, and Syncovery (formerly SFFS) for the others (where I dont need comments). Snycovery is more dependable in my experience and may be able to do partial file backup which would save you a lot of space (sounds like that work can be big).

-tomos (April 15, 2013, 09:12 AM)
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Hi Tom.

Do you know if FileHamster is even still being developed? They seem to have abandoned their forum: The last post I can find by someone from Mogware is over a year ago, and most previous posts are at least two years ago. Their wiki is gone - the link for it takes you to the Mogware home page.

I used the FH Plus version for a few years and then upgraded to the F Advanced when they changed the editions, but I uninstalled while diagnosing some issues on my computer almost two years ago and I never re-installed it when I got a new computer. I'm about to reinstall it now but seeing their empty forum has me scratching my head!




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