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I don't see multitab-Contro (June 05, 2013, 02:01 PM)
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Open your eyes.

I have certain temporal problems with this software : notepad++
-Contro (June 05, 2013, 04:13 AM)
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Please elaborate on the problems you have with Notepad++, as I've been using it as my main editor for anything not supported by a dedicated IDE, and see no problems with it at all.

Advise: Just upgrade to the latest available version. It's fine.

The base version of Notepad++ (whichever version) has always worked fine (I always download the latest portable version though). In my personal experience NP++ does sometimes mess up with a combination of plug-ins. These plugins by themselves work fine, just the combination of them doesn't always work as advertised.

Because of that I tried the beta from Sublime text editor. This is also a very, very nice text editor, but that one is not free (although the version I tried at the time can be used indefinitely). Still, NP++ keeps drawing me back as it feels the most 'natural' to me.

I tried to use a portable Windows version of GVim, but that one didn't feel right to me. However, I do think it is a very capable text editor. And when you try GVim (or Vim), I also took a look at the portable Windows version of EMacs. But that has the same "problem" as GVim. But also here I can say that this is a very capable text editor.

All in all, the power (and 'simplicity') of Notepad++ cannot be beaten (in my point of view). I think all went "wrong" with me when I used CygnusEd on Amiga. That was (and still is) a favorite of mine.

Emacs? Really?

Sublime Text is not portable AFAICS.

At the time (some 6 months ago) there was a link to a portable version. At least my memory clearly says so...which is (of course) not affected at all by the beer and wine I have consumed in the mean time...


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