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eM Client 70% off

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That free version is only a trial, isn't it?  The home version is free, but it seems like there are limitations.
-wraith808 (December 31, 2013, 11:16 AM)
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main difference (far as I can see anyway) is free is up to two accounts only

And it can't be used commercially... and support.  That's the extent of the differences between a lot of software use, and I guess that was my point.  There is a difference... so I don't see the problem?

I've been looking at this program. It'd be nice to have access to Google Calendars next to my email.

I don't like that the lifetime license option is another $50 on top of whatever you pay for a Pro license, though.

1. Free update: eM Client Professional 6 has just been released.

Good news for all users of SoftMaker Office Professional 2012 for Windows: Effective immediately, version 6 of our Outlook alternative eM Client Professional is available, and you receive it as a free-of-charge online update!

Version 6 comes with many improvements over version 5, such as:

- Full support for Microsoft Exchange servers through EWS
- User interface enhanced to support touchscreen computers and tablets
- You can now access calendars on, Hotmail, and Live.
- Improved integration of Google Mail and Google Apps
- You can edit the subject line of incoming e-mail messages.
- The new de-duplication tool finds and removes duplicate e-mails.

... and much more!

Users of SoftMaker Office Professional 2012 for Windows receive this update free-of-charge through the automatic update function of eM Client. Alternatively, click on Help > Check for updates to get it.

Find out more:
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I have searched the SoftMaker site but couldn't find a link to the eM Client installer, so I've asked their support for one. This direct link to the newest 13.86MB installer will only be available for a brief period of time, before I remove it again: . Notice how the address is not at SoftMaker's...

I will give the guys at SoftMaker credit. Their office suite has been out for a long time and they keep giving their users free updates to eM client. I don't think every company would be generous enough to do that.


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