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Serif PagePlus X7, on time or too soon?


Sorry, I am so upset that I have not taken any time to check history, or to locate the proper thread, before posting: Serif is now going the same road as Ashampoo and Paragon, etc., launching major upgrades instead of minor updates! Maybe I am forgetting things. Maybe time has been running much faster than I have been able to cope with. Maybe it really was about time. But I tell you, in my head PagePlus X6 is very new, yet it has already been replaced by X7. I am disappointed and upset.

What do you think:
Is the launching of Serif PagePlus X7  on time or too soon?  :tellme:

Funny - I was thinking exactly the same thing. I only upgraded from X5 to X6 a few months ago, so I was rather surprised to see X7 arrive already. On forums I have seen various comments about new versions being released before the issues in the current release are ironed out.

I do quite like their software, but the cost of excessive upgrades means I will probably stick with what I have.

Serif announced PagePlus X6 5th December 2011.
Serif announced PagePlus X7 29th May 2013.

Think what you like about it (and if and when you decide to upgrade) but that fits the business standard release schedule IMHO.
And Adobe and Quark seems to be in the habit of releasing major versions with outstanding issues as well.

Here I am sitting on the fence about an upgrade myself...

Once you buy a Serif program, they continually send you emails with upgrade offers after a new version comes out.  So the apparent newness may be a "perception problem."


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