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At CalendarHome, I found this cool 10,000 year calendar that has been helpful as I continue authoring a science-fiction novel eBook:


Heh I have a 40 year calendar as part of a tourist souvenir that I thought was "good for the money"! It's also amazing me that I have kept up with it since 1999 after having moved four times since then!

Calendars are also a favorite trick of autistic "small-savants". Rain Man did a tiny bit of damage to the public impression because he was One in a Million. (Based on Kim Peek). Most "Savants" are far less talented than that. But of those, a bunch of them can do Calendar calculations. I knew one from child days at a summer camp. There was no way to check him, but he was reeling off days of the week confidently, so even if he maybe "missed a leap year" or something, he clearly had the concept-pattern down.

In a sense it's "easy enough to do" - there's only some twelve rules, then you just flip multiples of 7/14/28/100 until you get there.

I think I'll start a new thread and offer a sample of the novel I'm writing...


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