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Possibly the ultimate $21,000 computer desk/chair combo?

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This is pretty awesome IMO. Totally unaffordable in my little corner of financial reality - but still awesome.

MWE Lab's Emperor 1510 LX:

Now that's a workstation! Looks like a cross between a weapons system command chair, a highly advanced dental clinic, and that spooky pilot/engineer's seat as seen in Alien and Promethius.

Sean Gallagher over at ArsTechinica has written an article about it (full article here):

Science fiction is filled with cherished seats of power, workstations that put the universe a finger-touch or a mere thought away. Darth Vader had his meditation pod, the Engineers of Prometheus had their womb-like control stations, and Captain Kirk has the Captain's Chair. But no real-life workstation has quite measured up to these fictional seats of power in the way that Martin Carpentier's Emperor workstations have.

The latest "modern working environment" from Carpentier's Quebec City-based MWE Lab is the Emperor 1510 LX. With a retractable monitor stand that can support up to five monitors (three 27-inch and two 19-inch), a reclining seat with thigh rest, a Bose sound system, and Italian leather upholstery, the Emperor 1510 LX looks more like a futuristic vehicle than a workstation.  And it's priced like a vehicle, too—it can soon be yours for the low, low price of $21,500...
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Like I said: Awesome! 8) ;D

It would be an absolute PITA to take to LAN nights but you can be sure of winning every game....since everyone else will be drooling over your chair  ;D


@4wd - I'd guess anyone who could afford one would likely be able to hire porters and a retinue (all dressed in appropriately themed costumes) to lug it back and forth on game nights. ;D


  Basically it's for people with more money than sense.  I could afford one, but I choose to spend my money on more conservative things.....  If I was forced to spend that much money in a day, I'd rather walk through the mall and give out $100 bills to people that need it than to spend it on something like that....

porters and a retinue
-40hz (June 03, 2013, 09:20 AM)
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i swear man, every post...every single one...turns into a mini-research project.  Love it!  :Thmbsup:


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