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Stickies - Part of the Zhorn Software Donationware Series

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Tom Revell's Stickies is a cute little entry into the Stickies-type software. I use it as the second half of the capture process from taking a square screen snip with Screenshot Captor.

He maintains a forum where he responds to bugs, features, and a new version every year or two. I haven't "version controlled" my copy in a couple of years, but for example he put in a multi-undo into one of the Beta versions after I remarked that it was too easy to work on a sticky over a long period of time, only to ruin it with a stray mouse click with the paintbrush.

The Donate part is in the top left corner, though it's Paypal, which I have very mixed feelings for!

Good post.  I've modified it slightly to add a screenshot and to highlight the fact that the author has released quite a few programs not just Stickies.

I love Stickies!

Though I have Notezilla installed, the current version of it is most likely the last I will use, due to their new version requiring that you use their "cloud" to transmit notes. No more network use allowed in the new version.

Stickies has had the ability to transmit notes via a Stickies Server that is easily set up. I've used Stickies for many years now, and I just reinstalled it when I realized I had forgotten to when I got my latest computer. What a pleasure to start using it again.   :)

I donated to Tom Revell long before I was even aware of DC. As a matter of fact, I believe that Stickies was the first program for which I sent a donation. Got me off to a good start. I was surprised to see the old forum still there. So many developers have moved to "Get Satisfaction" or ZenDesk for support. It's not posted to very much but it appears that Tom still replies on occasion.

Stickies is definitely a good program that has lasted through the years.

Thank you.



Hello Jim,

Thanks for mentioning about Notezilla

We will be adding back network support in few weeks. You will be able to send sticky notes via LAN without the need for cloud.

Thanks for everyone's feedback.

Gautam Jain

There is also the free Sticky7List in this category from the maker of WhizFolders


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