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I just made this for dinner tonight, and wow... it was really good! :D



Or a Thermomix


500 g pork tenderloin (pork fillet) (slightly frozen) - use pork mince otherwise
1 tbsp sesame oil (less depending on your taste, e.g. 1 tsp)
4 tsbp corn starch (cornflour)
4 tbsp soy sauce
1 egg yolk
1 brown onion
1 green bell pepper (capsicum)
1 red bell pepper
2 carrots - thick juliennes or sliced
1 small tin bamboo shoots (I omitted this)
1 large tin (880 g) pineapple - or 1 fresh pineapple
2 tbsp white wine vinegar
50 g tomato paste
100 g sherry
40 g dark sugar -- or 40 g raw sugar with 2 tbsp molasses


* Mince pork to desired texture (I used well minced - works very well)
* Add sesame oil, 3 tbsp corn starch, 1 tbsp soy sauce, egg yolk and mix well.
* Roll into balls and place in 1 layer of your steamer.
* ---------
* Chop vegetables into bite sized chunks.
* Place vegetables into another layer of your steamer.
* Save the pineapple juice.
* ---------
* Any vegetables that don't fit in the steamer, puree them.
* If you use fresh pineapple, puree the core.
* ---------
* Place remaining ingredients (corn starch, soy sauce, pine apple juice, tomato paste, sherry, sugar, molasses, vinegar) into your puree. (Optionally hold back the corn starch and sherry until almost done.) Add some water if you used a fresh pineapple to make up for the pineapple juice. Boil and stir for however long you feel like. It should reduce down somewhat as you want it to be a bit thick and not too watery. It will depend on if you used pineapple juice or how much water you added.
* ---------
* Steam your veggies and pork balls while the sauce is cooking.
* ---------
* Serve in a serving bowl and pour sauce over top. Serve rice on the side in a rice bowl or small bowl. Optionally have soy sauce available for dipping.

The way I cooked it was slightly different as I used our Thermomix - see this thread for a quick description. I've adapted the instructions somewhat there.

I was really surprised at just how well it turned out. My wife said it beat what you get in a restaurant. :D Then again, she might just be trying to keep me cooking all the time~! :D


Oh Yummy!  Just had to share this one....  :P

How to harvest your own insects for food
Can a new insect-breeding device make eating insects more appetizing?
--- End quote ---

Fast-Cooked-Food #1

Spinach Tortelloni

These days you can get cheap fresh tortelloni in most supermarkets (here at any rate).

* they usually have a spinach+cheese/ricotta or meat fillings or sometimes tomato+cheese.
* I like the spinach ones the best - I wouldnt get the meat filled ones - in my experience they dont taste so good
* the trick with these is to cook them for 5 minutes or so (taste to check if done) - they usually say 2 mins, but in my experience the filling is never properly cooked at that stage


* Tortelloni (read above) I use 400g packet for two people (just under a pound weight)
* Fresh Spinach, lots of it - shrinks a huge amount (maybe 400 grams for two, less is okay). Have nothing against frozen spinach but I dont think it would work with this
* Parmesan (not dried/powdered) - or comparable 'hard' cheese
* Olive oil - or some other oil with a bit of character
* Sea Salt
Pot for pasta
Pot for spinach - not non-stick - I use a low-sided stainless steel pan (with a lid) and chop the cooked leaves in the pot

Sequence might not always be exactly the same here:

1) put water on for the pasta - I usually put smallish amount of water in the pot, and boil the rest in the kettle; add the kettle water when the pot is already boiling (quickest method)
2) Wash the spinach well - if it's not seperate leaves, twist off the base of the plants, and give another quick rinse.
3) add the tortelloni to boiling water - if the pasta comes out as a block, let it boil a bit, then tease the tortelloni apart with a spoon or wooden spoon so they dont rip.
4) Throw spinach in a pot on high - dont let it drain *too* much before hand - I take it out of a basin of water, shake, and throw it in the pot. Add tight fitting lid.
When the spinach starts to boil/steam, turn the heat down. It cooks very quickly - can take a bit longer if it's large leaves. As soon as it starts to reduce you can turn the leaves en masse, then turn off the heat and replace the lid.
5) taste pasta. drain when done.
6) chop the spinach in the pan, criss-cross. I use a fork and cheap serrated knife (steak knife would do)
7) 'Shave' the parmesan, with a small sharp-ish knife. Like peeling a potato. It's usually sold in a wedge here - I shave the short side/end. Your call how much here, I like lots of it

either in one of the pots, or a heated bowl, or a plastic bowl (doesnt cool down ingredients so much) combine the ingredients:

* Tortelloni
* Chopped Spinach
* Two overflowing desert spoons olive oil
* Lots of parmesan
* Salt to taste
Toss the ingredients, serve on warmed plates.
Important is, not to let it cool down too much.

Alternatively (especially good when cooking for one) mix the ingredients directly in a bowl or plate with deep centre. And eat it ;-)

french fries

Source: imgur

Back to basics... my easy, no-think dinner:

- Boil a big pot of water (that takes the longest time)
- Start heating a large skillet with a couple tablespoons olive oil, medium heat
- While the water is heating, slice some good mushrooms and break a bunch of asparagus stalks into bite sized pieces
- Toss the mushrooms & asparagus in the skillet, stir it around (& keep it moving)
- After a few minutes, toss a batch of angel hair (capellini) in the water (cooks fast, don't overcook)
- Drain the pasta, serve with mushies & asparagus, top with grated parmesan & fresh ground pepper

You can add some soy sauce or sesame oil to the skillet, or add other spices to add interest. Or add a few rashers of bacon on the side, or sprinkle with bacon bits (of course, fresh cooked & crumbled yourself if possible), or you could chop up some leftover pork roast or salmon and toss it in the skillet to heat with the vegetables. Whatever, it's always easy and satisfying. You have to play with the times a little to get the mushies & asparagus appropriately done.


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