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I posted my blue cheese ranch dressing recipe earlier.
Now I'm going to tell you about the salad i've been making and eating lately, which i use the dressing on:

First, I make large batches of the basic salad and store in zip lock bags which i eat over the course of a week:

* 1 part Iceberg lettuce
* 2 part red romaine or red leaf lettuce
* 1 part spinach
* some red cabbage
* lots of shredded radishes
* a little shredded carrot
* lots of chickpeas (garbanzo beans; canned)
* Red and orange peppers, diced
Now here's the part you may think sounds disgusting, but is delicious:

* Fill a smallish (cereal bowl size?) bowl with cubed/pressed tofu and sliced mushrooms
* Coat tofu and mushrooms lightly in soy sauce
* Add a big handfull of grated cheddar cheese
* Stir to mix.
* Microwave for 5 minutes until cheese melts
* Mix the tofu/mushroom/cheese into the salad.

Renegade's KICK ASS COFFEE!!! (and hangover cure)

* Have trouble waking up?
* Lacking energy during the day?
* Need a serious pick-me-up?
* Want to blast your mental powers beyond psychic into Akira-land?
* Want to feel like Superman on steroid?
THIS is your Huckleberry! :D


* Espresso coffee - turkish ground (super fine ground)
* Malt extract
* Milk/cream
1) Make your coffee
2) Use 1 large swirled spoon of malt extract as your sweetener instead of sugar (artificial sweeteners are toxic)
3) Add milk to taste

The malt extract will give you a super-boost. Seriously. It's mind-blowing just how wild it is. It does have a flavour (a very nice one at that!), but you can decide to love it and the uber-rush you get (it lasts - it's not a short buzz - it's lasting, real energy provided by vitamins & nutrients).

Also... the malt extract will seriously help destroy/mitigate any hangover you have.

Hmm... Not many people sharing recipes lately... Guess I'll need to kickstart this thread again... with BOOZE~!

Renegade's Alcoholic Ginger Ale!

Brewing booze at home is dirt simple. Here's a recipe for alcoholic ginger ale that you can experiment with, and that uses no special ingredients or equipment beyond what you probably already have at home.


* Ginger - 50 g per litre of water for a strong flavour - reduce to about 15 g per litre of water for a mild ginger flavour
* Flip-top bottles - e.g. Grolsch bottles, or in a pinch you can use regular plastic soda bottles
* Yeast - you can use plain old baker's yeast, though specialised yeasts like champagne yeast will work better
* Sugar - Lots. 50~100 g per litre of water to start. More later... Try to use caster sugar (icing sugar) if you can, but this isn't crucial.
* Lemon juice - 1 lemon per 5 L is fine
* Cheesecloth - you can use a regular J-cloth as well if you don't have any cheesecloth or muslin, though it's probably a good idea to boil that first
* Filtered water - However much end product you want to have, use that much water
Step 1 - Ginger slurry (or chop)

Put your ginger into a food processor and liquify it. Add in some water to help. This will depend on your food processor.

If you don't have a food processor, just chop it up finely.

The finer the ginger, the stronger the flavour. So, you can use less ginger and create a slurry, or use more ginger and just chop it. Given the high prices of ginger here, I create a slurry. Again, adjust the amount of ginger for your own tastes. 50 g per litre of water in a slurry is extremely strong.

Step 2 - Syrup

Put your ginger slurry into a pot & add the lemon juice, some water and sugar (see above for ratios). Use all the sugar, but don't add all the water. You only need enough water to dissolve the sugar. Heat the pot hot enough to dissolve the sugar. It doesn't need to boil, and it's better if you don't boil the ginger.

When the sugar has dissolved, remove it from the heat and allow it to cool to room temperature (IMPORTANT). You can add cool water to hasten this, but some sugar may precipitate - not a big deal, but it's better to have it dissolved.

Step 3 - Strain the syrup

Strain the syrup into a large container/bowl. Use cheesecloth or something fine to get out as much of the particulate ginger as possible. You will still have some cloudiness though, which is fine. You may need to strain it more than once if you have a slurry. (Your tolerance for sediment is what's important here.)

Step 4 - Add yeast

Add water to your syrup to make sure it is room temperature. Add 1 teaspoon of yeast per litre of water. (How much water you add here isn't very important - add as much as the container will hold.) Stir the mixture.

Step 5 - First bottling step

Pour what you have into bottles equally. e.g. Pour until all your bottles are equally x% full. Top off the bottles with water, but make sure to leave a good amount of room at the top! 75% full is fine if you're planning on making it strong & going through step 6 more than 2x. Do NOT fill the bottles - they will explode.

Cover the tops of the bottles with cheesecloth (or anything similar) and leave it for a day...

Step 6 - Groundhog day step

This step you can repeat a few times. Twice is good, but you can do it 5x if you like. This is where you'll be creating more alcohol.

Add between a teaspoon and a tablespoon of sugar to each bottle (a teaspoon is fine). Cap the bottle and turn it over a few times to let the sugar dissolve. Uncap the bottle & replace the cheesecloth on top. You can add a tiny bit more yeast if you want to experiment, but this isn't necessary.

Step 7 - Cap it

Add a teaspoon of sugar (not a tablespoon) or less. This will be consumed and create carbonation in your ginger ale.

Cap the bottle and leave it for 2~5 days in a safe place in case it explodes. Do not refrigerate it yet. This is where you'll get the fizz.

Step 8 - Fridge time!

Put it in the fridge until you're ready to drink.

When drinking, add in some sugar or sugar syrup to sweeten it as the ginger ale will be very dry.

The quality of what you'll get above is going to vary, but the recipe above requires no special ingredients and everything can be obtained in any grocery store.

Step 9 - Post back

If you tried it, post back after your 7th or 8th glass! :D

Looking for cheap snacks that aren't as horribly toxic as the ones you're probably eating now?

Renegade's Stupid Silly Awesome Snack Recipe!

Steamed baby potatoes taste awesome hot or cold.


* Baby potatoes
Step 1 - Steam the potatoes

Steam the potatoes. (40 min is good.)

Step 2 - Eat them

Eat them. (Salt & butter are optional.)

You might be surprised at how good potatoes taste when they are simply steamed. They make a great snack!

I'm a fan of normal gingerale soda, so i need to get my hands on some store-bought alcoholic gingerale and see if it tastes good enough to brew my own.


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