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Context menu option to open Windows Explorer without navigation pane


My hat is off for all you Linux users out there... bless you.  I hope more consumers jump on board.

In Windows XP, I have three options within the context menu of a Windows Explorer folder: <b>Open</b>, Open, and Explore.
<b>Open</b> opens in the current window
Open opens a new window without the navigation pane (aka folder tree)
Explore opens a new window with the navigation pane

I think it has to do with this:


@="%SystemRoot%\\Explorer.exe /e,/idlist,%I,%L"


@="%SystemRoot%\\Explorer.exe /idlist,%I,%L"

--- End quote ---

How do you do this in Windows 7?

will this help?

It's not a right click option and it will turn off the navigation pane for all folders.

Maybe option 2 could be added to the right click menu. It's a .reg file deal.

Yes I had seen that.  It is a permanent toggle.  I guess a script can be made: turn off, launch the window, turn on.  But I don't even understand how it works in the Win7 registry.  There is no command there; the action part is passed off to somewhere else.

I don't know if this helps at all, but I use a little non-install app which lets you add/remove buttons in the W7 Command Bar/Toolbar, whatever it's called : )

Explorer Toolbar Editor

It doesn't do your required context menu item, but it does mean that when you open a new window it's just one click to close or open the navigation pane instead of faffing about in the Organise menu. And then of course if you close a window with the nav pane hidden, the setting will be remembered.


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