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IDEA: Bring back the BEEP!

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I have been deliberating on whether to post about this for some time, partly because it has been written about many times on the Internet and so far it has been considered impossible.
But as I have first hand experience of, there are some very talented people on DC who have managed to find ways of replacing what MS have removed, so:

In Windows 7 MS removed the ability to use the MB speaker for system beeps.
My MB has a plug-in speaker as opposed to a built-in speaker which beeps once at POST and that is it.

I have tried the suggestion of changing the beep.sys file(s) for the XP one but it made no difference.
Windows 7 Pro x64 actually has two of them:
I have tried changing them one at a time and both at once, still no difference.

Given that I, a) have a system speaker and, b) know that it works can anyone come up with a way of using it.

My reasons are simple:
Unless they are in use my external speakers are always off.
I have a couple of alarm/calendar/timer programs that are meant to use the system beeper.
I have a tiny little program that allows me to create sounds/tunes to play through it.

Any takers?

Cannot change the way windows does the beep, but can make a command line app to make the "beep". Not sure if it'll be much help. Just run SystemBeep.exe and it should make your system speaker "beep".

Download SystemBeep -> SystemBeep

Well, here is an explanation of the problem and why it exist:

And here is a possible solution...try BEEPx, found on this page:

Thanks app103, but I was unable to get that fix to work on my system.

Thanks for the replies, I'll try them later.


I had already seen your first link but I have long thought that if the internal speaker beeps at all there must be a way of triggering it although I never got beyond that point.

I cannot access your second link or the direct download link,, they are both blocked.
I am offered the option to enter an unblock code which is provided, but when I do it just takes me back to the same page?

Welcome to - vienna
If you were redirected here, you - exactly your IP - is blocked.

You can try remove yourself by copy the key
4B354D47365954 into the field below.

We apologise for any inconvenience.
--- End quote ---

I cannot find the file anywhere else so I will have to try again later using a different IP Address.


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