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Gmail - how to use the label:^smartlabel operator to filter/label Receipts.


I don't know how long this functionality has been available in Gmail, but I only now came across it in the GoogleSystem blog post copied below. It works rather well. Quite nifty.
(Copied below sans embedded hyperlinks/images.)
Find Gmail Receipts
May 28, 2013

Here's a way to find your receipt messages from Gmail: search for label:^smartlabel_receipt. This feature is powered by the Smart Label experiment from Gmail Labs, but you don't need to enable that experiment.
I've found receipts from PayPal, Google Play and Google Checkout, order confirmations from eBay, Amazon and other shopping sites. Gmail automatically detects receipts, just like it finds notifications, social updates, forum messages and other categories of messages.
The Smart Label feature from Gmail Labs creates filters that automatically label messages and convert system labels like ^smartlabel_receipt to user labels like Receipts. You can manually do that for receipts: click the arrow from the search box, type label:^smartlabel_receipt in the "has the words" field, click "create filter with this search", click "OK" and ignore the warning, select "Apply the label" and then "new label", create a label called "Receipts", check "Also apply filter to * matching conversations" and click "Create filter". You'll get a receipts label:

Posted by Alex Chitu at 5/28/2013 03:35:00 AM

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This rather irritates me as I thought I had plenty of reason to leave Google, and then they go and do this...  (sigh).

I use Slice for this, and it works very well... and includes tracking.

^^ That could be rather useful. Never seen that before.


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