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Why are people still using Opera at all?

Even the IE is better nowadays.


I think the bottom line with IE is that it is no longer necessary although as far as I am aware it cannot actually be removed from the OS.

I only ever use it in XP for MS Updates, solely because it is easier. I could simply update from the notifications but the website provides more information if I need it.
Even though I have never updated FF beyond 3.6 if I want to take it out of the sandbox it normally runs in I can either change the user agent or use IE Tab and access MS with that.

I do not question that later versions of IE are safer than previous ones but again I come back to the point of how you use it.

That does not mean that you cannot get caught out but that is true of any version of any browser.

I would never advise other people not to update IE in the same way that I would never advise other people to follow some of the other computing practices I use, nor would I change them.

Why are people still using Opera at all?
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Personal choice?

Why are people still using Opera at all?

Even the IE is better nowadays.
-Tuxman (June 03, 2013, 05:05 AM)
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A lot of people (me too) still use Windows XP. It prevents to install newer versions of IE (9 and 10).

After some time playing with the browser, the way I think about Opera is changing. While it feels like a loss, that the old customizable Opera I know and love is likely dead and waiting to be burried . . . I haven't used it much in years anyway.  Opera may very well be positioning itself to be a good alternative to Chrome--a brilliant move, given how trendy it is right now to divorce google and their data mining. A few more features in place, I might embrace it. I really think that Opera would have been better served to wait a while longer before releasing their first preview, though. What's there now is really just a shell, VERY basic stuff is missing... it doesn't even have proper bookmarks/bookmarklets  support. I tried using it primarily over the weekend and while the browsing is nice and the extensions that are there are superior, I felt largely crippled.


  I know with XP, Internet Explorer can be removed completely.  By way of a court order, MS has posted the IE remover program on their website for those who absolutely want it off their system.  I chose to keep it since I use it with another front-end browser.


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