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Idea: Simple app to show/hide desktop icons with a single click as in Fences

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HMD.exe did not seem to do anything.

Note: When I opened task manager, the HMD.exe app had not closed

Hmm, odd. I went and made a full app. Try this one. Run it to hide the icons, run again to show them. I tested on Windows 7/8 worked on both for me.

I unzipped the file after downloading and placed it on my desktop with a short cut on the task bar. I clicked on it and nothing happened whether I was showing the desktop icons or not. I clicked on it 3 times and when I looked in process explorer each was still open. Maybe the problem is something else I am running?

Do you have any other software that "attaches" to your desktop? I am using Fences and it still worked for me. It just hide the icons, the fences still remained.


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