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Newsletter for May 27, 2013 - Codename: Ready the Cody-Mobile!


Newsletter for May 27, 2013"Codename: Ready the Cody-Mobile!"

1. Newsletter Editorial

Greetings dear readers, it's been 2 months since the last newsletter, so we have a full plate today.  I'll start as I normally do, with some abashed self-promotion.

First up is call for assistance in funding the purchase of a "Cody Mobile" (just a fancy term for a cheap used car to be adorned with a DonationCoder decal).  A grand total of $307 has been raised so far -- so any bit you can add will help.

Next up is a long blog post I've written on the idea of putting advertisements on the website, and some thoughts on the Project Wonderful ad service vs Google Adsense; we occasionally experiment with putting ads on the website and we're doing so again through June.  I'm going to try to write some more longer original essays on the site, and hopefully with your encouragement see if we can't get a few more DC regulars to do the same.

You'll also find in this newsletter some interesting project announcements from members of our forum.  In section 4 you'll find links to a very cool new open source music learning tool called Musicope by forum member czb and a fun science fiction magazine by forum member TaoPhoenix, as well as several new small coding snacks.  And don't mix the new invention we came up with in the long-running gadget thread (section 2).

Finally, I want to reach out to those of you who might have never posted on our forum -- and ask you to take a leap and make a post.  Everyone is welcome on our site and doesn't matter how knowledgeable you are -- and if you aren't sure where to start, check out the "User-to-User" items below.  We're still a small community site whose value depends on user participation. I know I speak for everyone on the site when I say that seeing a first post from a new member is one of our favorite things.

* Micro-Fundraiser for the Official DonationCoder CodyMobile!
* Some thoughts on the Project Wonderful Ad Network and web advertising in general

2. User-to-User: Your Input Requested

We love nothing more than having interesting discussions on our forum -- and we love when new people participate in the discussions.  In each newsletter we try to highlight a few topics that we think might interest casual readers and that are good candidates for making your first post.

* The 30-Day Healthy Eating and Exercise Challenge!
* What are Your Favorite YouTube Channels? Here are Mine for Board Games
* Gadget Weekends - we even invented something new this weekend
* Movies or films you've seen lately?
* Recommend free image hosting site?
* Have you ever gone Geocaching or Letterboxing?
* Best method for a dead simple web site?
* Help needed with computer hardware problem
* Some guidelines and rules about posting on the forum

3. DonationCoder Software Updates

There have been a few updates to some of the DonationCoder-hosted software applications since the last newsletter, plus a bunch of updates by DC member Skwire, our resident speed-coder.

* Clipboard Help and Spell - v2.18 - compatibility fixes
* Screenshot Captor - v4.3 - various fixes
* Multi Photo Quotes - v2.02 - various fixes
* Multi Photo Quotes Builder - v1.03 - updated with latest MPQ
* Progress Bars of Life - Version 1.03 - See also skwire's barbecue below
* Skwire New Release: sStockQuote
* Skwire Update: Barbecue
* Skwire Update: SFV Ninja
* Skwire Update: Ten Timer
* Skwire Update: tiffInfoGUI

4. Member Reviews, Projects, Software Releases, and Announcements

We love to keep up with projects that our members are working on, and hearing what our forum members think of software they use, and we've got some new DC member projects to tell you about since the last newsletter, including a very cool new open source music game by DC member czb.  If you're working on something interesting -- let us know!

* online open-source piano game
* Aphelion Science Fiction Fantasy Horror Webzine
* RegaLink - a todo list for urls to visit
* RPG Solo: An online solo role-playing tool
* Scrubby - simply clean clipboard of formatting
* Reus Mini-Review - a new god game
* Coding Snack: Copy one particular file into every folder in a subdirectory
* Coding Snack: Group of Excel files in folder, send all first rows to a text file (or other)
* Coding Snack: Absolutely Basic Count-up Timer (ABC Timer)
* Coding Snack: All devices hooked up to my router copied to a CSV log file
* FARR plugin: Google Translate.
* FARR plugin: GoogleSearch

5. Entertainment and Humour

You've made it half way through the newsletter, so let's have a break.  Go make yourself a healthy snack (in honor of the 30-day DonationCoder health challenge), and check out these fun websites and videos!

* Gorgeous "House Sigils" graphics
* Worst Client Comments Turned Into Posters
* Your weekend cheer: Russian dashcams capture human kindness
* Geoguessr game: I'm addicted.
* Luxembourg cybersecurity team takes on China's hacker unit - and wins!
* Infamous Game Dwarf Fortress on Ars Technica
* The Upcoming Death of
* Camera technology - Impressive resolution of photography of a crowd scene.
* Giraffe's swim
* One year without the internet: An Interesting Read
* Cool visualization of dial-up modem sounds and what they mean

6. Software Discussion

The Software Discussion section is one of the most active areas of the DC forum; some of the more interesting posts since the last newsletter are listed here.

* compares antivirus memory usage
* Which file format is more accurate to save webpages?
* Simple File Transfer Options
* My (not so good) experience with backblaze
* Information Manager / Database for daily record of mood and health?
* Independent desktop shopping compare software?
* Video conferencing tools?
* Proofed! Microsoft is actively scanning Skype traffic and uses the data
* Adobe drops the gauntlet - going forward it's cloud - or nothing.
* Recommendation for mosaic/tiled live screensaver that reads folders of pictures?
* InCtrl X: Monitor Changes to Your System
* Problems after you install Microsoft's security update 2823324
* Office 2013 drops cleartype, fonts a disaster. Any way to fix it?
* Gnome-Pie: a circular 'dock' type launcher for Linux
* MasterSeeker - Fast File Search Engine
* Office Web Viewer: View Office documents in a browser
* Public preview of Excel GeoFlow - 3D cartographically distributed data maps.

7. Website Discoveries, Debates, Essays, Discussions

What's new in cyberspace? What exciting new sites have been discovered by forum members?  What's the current hot topic and debate? Read on to find out...

* Shell Extension City Freeware Website Comeback
* The 21 worst tech habits [PCWORLD]
* Discourse in Practice
* 7 Online Multi-Engine Antivirus Scanners to Scan Suspicious Files
* Wary of Bitcoin? A guide to some other cryptocurrencies
* SAP to bring in autistic workers as software testers and programmers
* Patreon is a new crowd source funding platform for content creators
* Getting Things Done revisited
* Now you can "Log-In with PayPal"
* SSD's - How They Work Plus Tips

8. Developer's Corner

This section highlights some discussions that might be relevant for not just for coders and developers, but also people interested in entrepreneurial issues.

* URL for Youtube Video to Start at Particular Time (and other tips?)
* Beating ridiculous IP infringement claims by doing things stupidly
* Prenda Law shall troll no more.
* Why are there no sites to shame and punish companies that spammers promote?
* Fixing E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial for the Atari 2600
* Some thoughts on the Project Wonderful Ad Network and web advertising in general
* Huge attack on WordPress sites could spawn never-before-seen super botnet
* Quick blog/site (for images) where I'm contactable without having to join?
* AHK tutorial for absolute AHK beginners
* Looking for voice acting service
* Ghost - a new "just blogging" platform now fully funded on Kickstarter
* An End To The Aggregation Debate?

Thanks for the newsletter :)


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