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Help needed with computer problem

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Well, I guess it's the money.  $200 is a lot more than $60.  But then if it's the CPU, that CPU is running $70 when I can even find it... bringing the cost up to $130 for two year old tech.  And the fact that the CPU isn't available anywhere for rush shipping at a reasonable price.
-wraith808 (May 26, 2013, 12:57 PM)
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  You can upgrade your CPU to an even faster CPU and probably for less than half the price you paid for the original.  I updated my puter from a 1.5 ghz to a 2.8 ghz CPU, and man, does it fly now!  I bought the faster CPU kit from Evergreen Technologies, but it looks like they don't sell hardware anymore.  Probably got bought out from some IT company.  I'm sure you can do a search to find a cheaper and faster CPU from another outfit....

The CPU is tied to the MB.  So if I get the MB hoping that it will work... I can't really return it after installing.  So then I'm tied to the 775 socket.

After a hard reset, did you reset the BIOS to default? If you plan on replacing the MB anyway, you can reset the bios, or use other test settings, like setup defaults or other defaults.

Yup... restored the bios to defaults.  Actually tried it both ways... with defaults, and restore... and both had the same results.  The only thing I didn't try was flashing it, but I have doubts that could be it unless someone tells me otherwise.  never seen a bios that needs updating start flaking out like this...

Just as a matter of interest, since it has onboard gfx: with nothing but the CPU, MB, one stick of RAM and a keyboard, (no drives, no gfx card, no mouse, nothing else), will it sit in the BIOS screen without hanging?


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