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Help needed with computer problem

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So, hard reset of the bios and replacing the battery didn't work.  So the only thing left is MB/CPU.  My question now is, how likely is it that it is the CPU?  I found a decent MB on Amazon so I can get it Wednesday (yuck) Gigabyte MB.  But for $200 I can get a core-i3 sandybridge with motherboard and 4GB RAM, so I'm wondering if I have to take it all apart anyway, if I shouldn't just go with that.


If you're going to shell out the cash anyway, just go with a hardware refresh and a rebuild.  Both will help.

It's certainly possible that it's the CPU, though more likely the motherboard.  I guess my answer would depend chiefly on the age of the CPU.  If you think you might be ready to upgrade the CPU anyway in the next year then yeah, go for it.

Carol Haynes:
Capacitor issue on the motherboard?

Well, I guess it's the money.  $200 is a lot more than $60.  But then if it's the CPU, that CPU is running $70 when I can even find it... bringing the cost up to $130 for two year old tech.  And the fact that the CPU isn't available anywhere for rush shipping at a reasonable price.


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