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Help needed with computer problem

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Yup... restored the bios to defaults.  Actually tried it both ways... with defaults, and restore... and both had the same results.  The only thing I didn't try was flashing it, but I have doubts that could be it unless someone tells me otherwise.  never seen a bios that needs updating start flaking out like this...
-wraith808 (May 26, 2013, 08:10 PM)
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It is a very bad idea to attempt to flash the BIOS on an unstable system.  It is possible to brick some motherboards with an incomplete BIOS update.

Well, more information.  I let it sit for a few hours, then started again.  When I did, I went into the BIOS instead of letting it boot to Windows.  Temp looked fine (25C MB/25C Proc) and fan speed looked fine.  after a few minutes, it failed.  So I'm leaning towards RAM, and crossing my fingers.  Thanks for the suggestions, and I'll let you know!
-wraith808 (May 24, 2013, 08:51 PM)
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If it failed while you were in BIOS, then the problem is probably PSU or motherboard.  The most complex component is the CPU but it is also the least likely to fail.  Unfortunately, there is no easy way to test for motherboard failure other than replacing it.

Two comments: you seem to be placing a low value on your time (3 days spent on this). This is entirely your choice, but should be factored into your considerations. You might find a better, used PC on craigslist.

Also, you mentioned that the system has 5 fans. More is not necessarily better. Sometimes increasing the number of fans disrupts the airflow over crucial components. I saw an Intel demo some years back in which a PC ran considerably hotter with two fans than with one.

Good luck.

I haven't actually spent three days... more like 3 hours at the most.  And considering what my wife uses it for (photoshop, lightroom, other photographic stuff), I can't just get any computer, unfortunately.  The 5 fans are including the two on the CPU heat sink, two in the box and the one on the video card, so it's not as many as it seems.  One draws air in from the back, across the heat sink, then out of the other side.  The airflow then goes through the video card and back out the back through the last fan.  I upgraded that prior to this when the CPU was having heating problems, and they brought it right down to spec.

But thanks for the input.


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