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CHS error exde29: Operation aborted...


...preceded by "Error DB65: dbisam engine error #11949 SQL parsing error - Expected...but found ) in DELETE SQL statement at line 1..."
This happens twice, followed by one "Error DBG103... Table or backup file...does not exist."

What's going on?

Can you give me a little more background? Is this your first install of CHS? Or did you just upgrade and you're suddenly getting this error?
Are you using the portable version or the installer? What operating system?

Nothing special, no new installations. It was working fine (CHAS v2.13.01, XPproSp3) and 2 weeks ago it went haywire.
I have a feeling you will say "install the latest version," though I (and no doubt you) would like to understand the issue.

Please do install the new version, and let me know if the problem remains.


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