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The 30-Day Healthy Eating and Exercise Challenge!

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So are pistachios, but I find them to require more work than I'm willing to perform just for a nut  ;).
-barney (June 02, 2013, 07:40 PM)
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Natural portion control.  ;)

Stoic Joker:
e question: I know stress plays a part in the health theater, and I'm up for a bit of an increase in that for the next two weeks as my floor lead is on vacation and my work expects me to fill her shoes while she's gone.  I've never been good at being a super-organized or management type, and she definitely is, so I'm wondering how that will affect me.  I'll prolly be tempted to do caffeine again, what's you folk's advice on that?-Edvard (June 02, 2013, 06:19 PM)
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My assistant is gone for two weeks ... My strategy? Just say no. It's really quite cathartic. I can either try and push myself to try and accomplish the work of two people ... or ... I can just say no to the flood of incoming nonsense.

Requestor: Can I have X, Y, Z, M, K, F & R??

Me: No. I'll have X & Y in the morning ... But the rest will have to wait.

Requestor: But IT's an Emergency..!!!

Me: Yes, everyone's issue is an emergency ... To them. Feel free to come pickup X & Y at around 9 ... tomorrow.

No... It's a beautiful thing.

Carol Haynes:
Hmmm - setback - strawberries are looking very good and I succumbed to making proper strawberry icecream - fatal!

Having said that went for an evening walk and made friends with a young deer - longest encounter with a wild deer I have ever had and only a few feet away. Not sure who was more curious about the other!

I'm doing great so far -- two weeks of not eating any candy, eating good quantities of healthy food, and exercising on the treadmill for 30 minutes a day.  Lost 4 or 5 pounds.

However.. Every day i have to fight off the urge for candy!

Joe Hone:
I'm probably going to sound like a newly converted tree hugger, but last week I found a new looking simple juicer in a second hand consignment store, bought it and gave it a try as part of this challenge. Someone suggested juicing the most common garden veggies, so I combined carrots, celery, bell pepper, cucumber and kale into a single container, about 16 oz. It doesn't taste bad at all, nothing like V8 juice or similar products. What I find most interesting is the sugar boost it gives - it totally wipes out my munching desires for the next 3-4 hours. I don't feel any benefit other than that, but it has to be a good way to get extra vitamins. Mine is a centrifuge grinder so it oxidizes the veggies and you have to eat them immediately or the beneficial nutrients decay in about an hour so I've read. Interesting addition to the diet.


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