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The 30-Day Healthy Eating and Exercise Challenge!

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Great idea! I'm in!

I'm in!  And what we can do if we want to is sign up for a site that tracks this stuff...and give motivation and encouragement to each other.

My suggestion would be Fitocracy or SlimKicker, though there are several others...

I haven't been keeping up lately... but if people want to use one or the other, I'll start tracking on that one (though I prefer Fitocracy, even if it doesn't track your eating habits)

Great timing! I am exactly one week into trying to do this myself, and a support group would be helpful.

I've been using to track my calorie intake/use. It's not a pretty website, but the tools work great (and it actually has a Windows Phone app)

your Point Motivator might be helpful too mouser:

PS I'll give it a go too (do I really have to make a solemn oath though :tellme: :P) - would be interesting to compare rough lists of what we plan -
to me eathing healthy involves:

* eating veg with every meal
* also I eat too much bread (it's so good here though)
* and FWIW cooked food seem to agree with me better

I'm in :)


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