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The 30-Day Healthy Eating and Exercise Challenge!

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So far so good.. Though i'm still craving snacks and sweets like mad.

I do want to say a good word about my treadmill -- it's the one piece of exercise equipment i've ever used that i can see sticking with.  I think it works mainly because I have a tv/ipad in front of it and this is absolutely essentially to keeping me from getting bored.  It also helps a lot that I can just hop on it barefoot and walk at an incline for reasonable exercise.

The key to busting your sweet and snack craving is to substitute stuff that's good.  I know, I know, carrot sticks != snicker bars, but figure out a few things that are good for you that you actually enjoy, and keep count of the calories and content.  I do adore celery sticks with peanut butter, and besides the oil in the peanut butter, it's quite good for you.  I have also found that if you're in the mood, a flavored protein shake satisfies cravings for milkshakes and whatnot, and the protein gives you a very hunger-satisfied feeling for quite a while.  All marketing hype aside (I'm not a shill), the Jay Robb vanilla is quite tasty without being chalky or loaded with a bunch of filler ingredients.  I don't recommend the chocolate flavor, but YMMV.

Progress: Another 30-min tennis bout with my son and a long walk around the park and down the beach yesterday.  My lovely wife is cooking some sort of pasta dish today, so my carbs are tapped for the next 3 days or so. ;D
Otherwise, doing OK.  Lost some of the bloated feeling after meals, and I seem to breathe easier when tying my shoes.  Could be natural fluctuations though; let's see how the rest of the week feels.

One question: I know stress plays a part in the health theater, and I'm up for a bit of an increase in that for the next two weeks as my floor lead is on vacation and my work expects me to fill her shoes while she's gone.  I've never been good at being a super-organized or management type, and she definitely is, so I'm wondering how that will affect me.  I'll prolly be tempted to do caffeine again, what's you folk's advice on that?

Stres will absolutely make it harder for you to resist eating junk food.. My understanding of current thinking on will power is that it's much like a limited resource -- the more will power you have to assert to deal with one thing, the less you have "left over" for something else.

sort of pasta dish today, so my carbs are tapped for the next 3 days or so
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I've definitely found that a low-carb diet works fairly well for me in terms of being something that helps lose weight while leaving me feeling good and being palatable.  only thing i crave is pizza and fruit.

ps. I've started a new thread for member recipes:

Though i'm still craving snacks and sweets like mad.
-mouser (June 02, 2013, 05:07 PM)
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Might think about berries and fruits.  I've found blueberries and strawberries and cantaloupe to be [finally  :-\] a satisfying snack most any time of day.  Not too fond of bananas, but they can be satisfying at times.  Peaches, pears, apples ... mostly low-sweet, but the varying textures can satisfy most tastes.  (Don't do, for instance, strawberries, if you are subject to diverticulitis, nor nuts.)  Almonds or hazelnuts are, while not particularly sweet, are also very satisfying snacks.  So are pistachios, but I find them to require more work than I'm willing to perform just for a nut  ;).


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