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Author and Book. Anybody know anything about either?


Windows 7 and Vista Guide to Scripting, Automation, and Command Line Tools by Brian Knittel

I have a copy on my Nook. (Note: it's significantly cheaper buying it for the Kindle: $18 vs $22 from B&N.) Probably the best of what's currently available on the topic IMHO. I also like Stanek's Windows Command-Line Administrator's Pocket Consultant. Brian Knittel's book is better if you're just getting started writing scripts for Windows. He's been around for years and has always been considered a good writer when it comes to Windows topics.

Thanks for that.

If I do decide to get a copy I need the paper version, the cheapest I have seen so far is around £24 on Amazon but I never looked any further.
I came across the other book you mention as well but my first impression was that it is too technical for me.
There were a few other's that I saw but they were more restricted in terms of content, i.e. batch files only.

Your opinion of it matches several other comments I read about it and make it worth looking into.

I noticed when I was sorting out the start menu/programs after I installed 7 that I had a number of PowerShell shortcuts but as far as I got was moving them.  :D
And I know when I have been looking for ways to do various things in the past I have come across VBScripts but I have no idea about either.

I've not used them for a long time but I might see if the local library service can turn up a copy for me to look at before I decide to buy one.
They have obtained a lot of books for me in the past including technical books although they tend to be harder to find and often come from college libraries.


I'd definitely hit a bookstore or library and do some in depth skimming before I bought any semi-expensive tech book these days. Even the old diehards like O'Reilly and Sams have released some real klunkers in the last few years. :-\


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