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Some guidelines and rules about posting on the forum

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This post will be update with forum guidelines and rules as they evolve.

Basic rules of the forum:

* Be respectful to everyone, even if they don't return the favor.
* Do not post any spam advertising.  If you want to tell us about a program or product that you personally are involved with, that's ok, as long as you disclose your relationship to the program/product and do not simply copy and paste some info being posted on other places.
* When including URLs, do not use URL shorteners; if you really want to use an affiliate link, state that you are doing so clearly and why.
* Don't link to external images.. instead, ATTACH the image to your post -- that way it won't get lost if the original site goes offline.
* Controversial topics of politics and religion should be avoided on the forum unless it is an issue directly impacting technology.
A few more guidelines:

* Avoid the use of colored / largefont text except in rare cases where you feel it is really needed -- colors and large fonts can be distracting.
* If you feel compelled to use a signature that is added to every post you make -- make it as minimally tall as possible to avoid creating a distraction.
* Try to choose good topic titles that will help others identify the contents of your post when searching.
* Avoid "flooding" the forum with a large number of posts all at once -- if you have several "news" or "technology" items to tell us about, consider combining them into one or two "news roundup" threads.
* Attached images should not be too large; 800x600 is a good limit unless there is a real reason to use larger

Kinda Random, kinda late. Were we doing any of that?!

Someone asked for them.  There was a minor snit about using tinyurl in posts.

It's the right thing to do, they just hadn't be written yet.  :D

  Hey Mouser, what about using HUGE pictures or a post full of different smilies.  I don't know if smilies are limited with this forum software, but there really should be a limit if not.  Pictures shouldn't be larger than 800 X 600, even better 640 X 480.


* Don't link to external images.. instead, ATTACH the image to your post -- that way it won't get lost if the original site goes offline.-mouser (May 20, 2013, 08:25 PM)
--- End quote ---

It just occurred to me this guideline has interesting copyright implications!


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