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Geoguessr. I'm addicted.

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It says to "figure out where you are" and I'm sitting in front of the best tool for the job, I'm pretty sure they expect me to use it.  I just look at it as an exercise in logic.
-4wd (May 21, 2013, 07:33 AM)
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Ditto.  Especially after that xkcd cartoon.  It's not a static image, so I imagine that I was dropped there and look around for clues.

Just for interests sake on that last puzzle, don't look if you haven't done it:
SpoilerA) There's a POI, (Place of Interest), sign up the road
B) There a sign with a phone number on the main road, area code + street names give it away
C) Shop names
D) Surf Life Saving Club rooms just up the road, (moment I saw the image I already knew what country) :D
E) There's a pretty obvious POI sign at the intersection

Now with everyone operating on the same level, scores should *really* get interesting...  and don't forget you can zoom in the map when you place your answer.

Here's one, 3 and 5 gave me the most trouble with 5 being a semi-accurate guess, (only 678km away).

Number 4 borders on the DUH!  ;D

I'm too embarrassed to mention the scores.  :-[

But I got the PLANET right every time.  :D


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