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Windows environment variables resolution


Does CircleDock support Windows environment variables? Specifically, does it resolve variables placed in the text fields of dock item properties? I have not been able to make this work.

SecureLockdown (unrelated app) bundles CircleDock. In the guide to their ProcessLauncher wrapper they mention that it supports environmental variables but I couldn't make this work, either. So the specific quations are:

1. How to make CircleDock to resolve environmental vaiables in target names BEFORE the target is located? How about Arguments field? How to make CircleDock to locate %APPDATA%\xyz\qaz.exe as C:\Users\userid\AppData\xyz\qaz.exe?

2. If this is not supported, then environmantal variables used in Argument field should be passed intact to target application, right? Are they? I'm getting random results here.


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