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Circle Dock preventing Sleep Mode


I have been using circle dock for about 2 months now. I started out installing it on 3 computers, all with windows 7 x64 (2ultimate and 1home prem). The computer I wanted it on the most was my touch screen all in one I use for watching movies. I does great, works smooth. But one major issue is I have to turn it on and off manually because non of my 3 computers will go to sleep with it running. After google'ing for about 3hrs I decided I would start a post, cause apparently I am the only one having this problem and I am having it 3 times. Plz Help. I am positive it is Circle Dock preventing the sleep mode.

PC-1: HP Touchsmart 310 (the touch screen)
PC-2: Dell Inspiron 530
PC-3: Intel i5 3570k/Gigabyte Mobo

P.S. who do I contact about the fact that Dr.Who, Transformers, and Venom are not options for Avatars. Now I want my avatar to be Venom riding Soundwave shaped like the Tardis.

Archon of Fate:
I think you need 10 posts on donation coder before you can have full access to changing your avatar and such. Also You did say that without circle dock you're able to go into sleep mode? That is very odd that it would prevent sleep and is definitely not something I heard about the program before. I wonder if hiding the dock would do the trick... if so you could always put an icon that hides the dock on it as a temporary fix? as far as a permanent fix I'm not sure I'd have to go and mess with the program.


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