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Forum Search query (or ideas)


I was trying to use the forum search the other day to find all posts by a specific author in certain boards but it appears there doesn't seem to be a way to do this.

Is this correct?

Are wildcards disabled in the word search parameters?


Forum Search query (or ideas)

Any chance of enabling wildcards, (or leaving it blank), in the search but only if the author is a valid member and/or doesn't contain wildcards?

Also, when the board list is expanded the Search button drops down out of sight, any chance of another one up in the top section, (same thing Google and a few others do) ?

And finally, (Yay! I hear), any board selections you've made reset if the search isn't accepted, so you have to select them all again - can they be made "sticky" until a valid search is completed?

EDIT: CRAP! I've put it in the wrong area, can a mod move it please.

I was just looking for a place to post about a search query and found this so whether it's in the wrong place or not here it is.

I have a number of threads on the go from the last few months that are in one way or another connected to each other and in a couple of the later ones I have linked back to the previous threads.
As I do not keep note of the thread's URL's that meant I had to run a search.
I found a link on my profile to 'show posts' but not one to 'started threads' which I was used to from elsewhere.
This meant that I had to go back several pages in each case to find the appropriate thread.
Am I missing something or is there no option to search for threads as opposed to posts?

I have very few posts in comparison to many on here and it was a pain in the **** for me, if I had been looking for a thread by a more prolific poster I would probably have given up.
If you have a specific something to look for it is probably not an issue but when you have trouble some days remembering the name of the site itself it is. :-[


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