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Google Translator Boomerang - Latest Version Info - v1.10.01 - Jan 8, 2015

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Well...It actually has a LOT of PRACTICAL value for me in a different way than you conceived it.

For me, it will be a very big time saver when I am translating English to Chinese because I can get very fast feedback about the accuracy of the translation.

Right now I have to have two Google Translate browser windows open and cut and paste the Chinese result and translate it back to English to see if the Chinese matches what I am trying to say.

So I see Translator Boomerang as a very useful Translation Aid program.   :)

Ah i see.. well then i can definitely see why showing the foreign language translation would be useful.  let me know if you have other feature requests.  maybe some automatic logging thing so you can see a history of past translations..

Now that you mention it, it would be another time saving feature to click a button and log the Original followed by the Translation to a continuous file.  This would be exactly what I need.

Another output format that would be useful is a two-column side-by-side output: Original and next to it the Translation. HTML Table code would be one useful option.

Very often I have to revise the English syntax or wording to get a good Chinese translation. Translator Boomerang would greatly speed up that process.


new version up.

The new version of Boomerang worked the first 5 times I used it, but now there are a lot of errors.  I follow the exact same steps I successfully followed the first 5 times (using only a short sentence as the text to be translated), but now no text appears in the "Translated Text" box after I click "Translate," and "Add to and edit favorites" creates a text file that is similarly truncated--it shows only the original. It looks like Google translator may have changed their program again. Can you check this?  I would really like to use this program!  Thanks.


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