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not a bad idea carol, i will add foreign language starting language, but im not sure it makes sense to make this into a real tranlator - surely there are better tools for that.
-mouser (May 05, 2006, 08:53 PM)
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well really i need one that will change another language to english
I havent been able to find one that does that

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From which language to English are you looking?

i test the tool,but it doesn't work
nothing happen... or i did something wrong??
and if possible, can you add one more language: Traditional-Chinese
the icon is
and the url of google translate is
that is different with CHINA,thank you

The latest verion (1.03.01) seems to be working fine here and doing it's magic as expected.

I went and checked out Traditional-Chinese, the problem with implementing it is that while there is an option to translate English to simplified Chinese, there is no option to go backward back into English, so boomerang can't use it.

However I will try to finally make the start and end languages configurable and in this case you could use it as your end language.


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