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Alias: igo + searchterm


^define (.*)
igo$$1 /stayopen

Doesn't work as expected. Or rather, it doesn't work at all. I've been using FarSubScript for a while and all the dictionary things just seem so redundant.

Am I doing something wrong? Is this a bug? Is there a way to just have "hotstrings" where "nw" automatically is replaced by "igo" in the search box?

The reason it doesnt work is that "igo" is the name of another alias.
If you look at the igo alias itself (in the Core-Internet alias file), you'll see it uses the special command "htmlviewurl".

So, change your alias from "igo$$1 /stayopen"
to something like "Search Ninjawords for $$1 | htmlviewurl$$1 /stayopen"

That assumes you want the web page to open up inside of the FARR window.  If you wanted it to open your external web browser you could just leave off the "htmlviewurl" part.

Thanks for the quick reply; I was able to get it sorted out

Search Ninjawords for $$1 | htmlviewurl$$1 /stayopen

you can use this. response is json.

if have a jsonview will be great


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