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SSD's - How They Work Plus Tips

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Stoic Joker:
A good blog post on this is here.
-wraith808 (June 07, 2013, 09:19 AM)
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Just wanted to mention that it's well worth the time to read the comments at that link. The discussion is intelligent, informative, and at times hilarious.

I liked this one...

For the people asking for succinct alternatives, here you go:

most performant = fastest
more performant = faster
performant = fast
less performant = slower
least performant = slowest

My 3rd grade son came up with those.

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Stoic Joker:
I liked this one:
 4/27/2007 at 8:12 am 

I don’t buy the “makes sense in context” business.

I ended up at this page because I came across the following:

“ScrewTurn Wiki is a performant and simple Wiki engine, written in C# and based on the ASP.NET 2.0 platform.”

The “ant” suffix converts a verb to an adjective. Defy -> defiant. Comply -> compliant. I my mind’s context, the sentence “wiki is a performant … engine” translates to “the wiki engine performs”. Then I must assume the author’s intent is “performs well”. I’m still left wondering “performs what well”?

I need a metric. That metric varies depending on the requirements specification. What is the implied metric for a “performant wiki engine”?

While were at it, why not the following?

“This software is the shiznitz with egregious bling. It’s da bomb.”

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I guess my basic thing is both have a point.  The current terms are not sufficient to adequately communicate what needs to be understood.  However, the solution does leave some things to be desired.  That's why the English language is so overloaded with synonymous terms.  And that's also the reason that being a consultant is a lot about choosing the terms that help you communicate with the client.  Effective business communication is a skill and an art form, and is all about choice of terminology and recognition of the audience.  And I think that's why buzzwords come into play, and why they become so useless by the time they reach the end of their cycle... because they are to an extent necessary in the beginning, then their use becomes watered down and in the end they add to the noise because people concentrate on the use of them and how intelligent/knowledgeable it makes them seem rather than if their use is warranted, and what the term actually communicates.

Oooh.  That was quite the rant, wasn't it?  :-[

As a writer, and someone that is also technical, this is one of the things I hate about where the two come into contact with each other, and one of those things that frustrates me.

Hm-m-m ... performant isn't even on my list, as yet  :down:.  I'm still stewing/struggling over conversate  :down: ;D!
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