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SOLVED: all devices hooked up to my router copied to a CSV log file

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Basically, all devices hook up to my router, their MAC address, type of device, time
Comma separated values to drop into Excel.
Polling could be done at intervals requested 1 min, 5 min, ??, 1 hr, etc.
Any more would be great.

Great for finding late night intruders

Hi, traupmann, and welcome to the DonationCoder site.  Regarding your request, what are you expecting to be polled?  Your router?  The network itself?  Keep in mind that most (all?) home-style routers are not designed to be polled for their data.

Precisely.  One would think that the local network could be polled, but I am unaware of the difficulty.  My idea is to have a program that would poll the range of addresses the router addresses locally and see what is connected.  Is this rather variable throughout the router world? 

SoftPerfect Network Scanner

C:\> netscan.exe /hide /auto:"c:\desktop\result.csv"

As it says right in the docs ;)

Just add it as a scheduled task to Windows.

Stoic Joker:
What logging options does you router have? Many can report various events to a syslog server ... So if you syslog DHCP events (assuming your router handles DHCP), that should catch most network visitors.


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