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Best method for a dead simple web site?

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Apologies in advance as  I know there are numerous topics that contain pieces of information about this subject. My problem is too much information, not too little. I wonder if some of you can help me to cut through the clutter.

My wife is an artist who needs a web site on which to display her work. 

She is wilfully computer illiterate.

She has a web site that I put together. It's (I'm) just not good enough.

I need to set up (or have set up for me) something that allows the very easiest point and drag method for her to:
[*]Add pages, and add images to those pages
[*]Replace existing items on pages
[*]Label items with appropriate titles and descriptions (probably multi-line text)
[*]Possibly re-arrange items on any given page.
[*]Have visitors move easily between pages.
[*]Have some method whereby thumbnails will enlarge for greater detail.

I can do this with the site that I created but my wife can't, so we're going to start again.

This has to be easy enough for a five-year-old to manage as I might be required to use it myself.

The task should be as easy as falling off a log but, no matter how hard I throw myself at the ground, I haven't reached it yet.

So, please, what's my best option?

Wordpress, hands down, in my opinion.  There are several themes out there that can even make it look however you want.  I did the same for my wife for her photography site, and she gets frustrated at times, but has really been able to maintain it with a minimum of help from me.  There's also a couple of articles that cut through the clutter in regards to how you do certain things; if you do want to go with Wordpress, I can direct you to the ones that I used.

I can direct you to the ones that I used.
--- End quote ---

I'd appreciate the links, thanks very much!

MakeUseOf: Set Up Your Blog With WordPress: The Ultimate Guide

SpoilerPassword: MakeUseOf

WPBeginner Guides

Getting Started with WordPress - from the Wordpress Codex

Simple WP Guide

And then a couple of articles from which I gleaned some of the preceding information:

WordPress for Beginners: The Best WordPress Tutorial Blogs

45 brilliant WordPress tutorials for designers

One last note: A good theme can get you most of the way to how you want your site to look.  A good theme, however, will most likely cost.  But that will come with fonts and tutorials.  It's been worth it to me.

I had usually used TemplateMonster, but I lately purchased a membership to elegant themes.  It's relatively inexpensive (the $39/yr is good enough for non-wp designers), they're updating regularly with themes, and the themes are pretty dead simple.  I actually was able to get a year for $20 through a deal, but since it ran out, I re-upped it.  Helps me tremendously with helping other people with themes, and I even use it for my own sites.

Try weebly or wix or any one of the alternatives.


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