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Best method for a dead simple web site?

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Hmmm... I'd actually disagree.  If you want a dead simple installation... wordpress is as dead simple as it gets.  Now there's more behind the scenes as you add stuff on... but to get the basic themes up and running, even self hosted, you can do it with very minimal technical experience.  It just depends on who you get for hosting at that point.
-wraith808 (May 29, 2013, 05:44 PM)
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I set up WordPress for a then client, over her dial-up connection, in ~fifteen (15) minutes, on her Web host.  Spent another fifteen (15) minutes or so installing - and explaining! - Windows Live Writer (which wasn't Live then).  She was publishing within forty-five (45) minutes of coming off the blocks.  There were complications after that, mostly furniture moving, but she was up and running in less than an hour, including tutorial time.  (She was scandalously political and opinionated:  some of her postings got her kicked off  ;D.)

I agree and disagree with Wordpress' simplicity to setup and maintain.

I agree that it's easy to install, especially on hosts that have Fantastico (or an equivalent) that offers 1 click installing.

I disagree in that properly securing it is a completely other story...quite complex, with having to deal with things like editing .htaccess files, knowing if you can relocate your config file, knowing what the error messages mean if you get any while configuring and running automatic offsite backups, knowing what to do if your hosting provider has blocked access to your login page "for security reasons" and being able to actually do it without messing your site up. Checking and fixing file & folder permissions, and knowing what each should be to protect your blog without breaking things. Knowing that you should create 2 accounts on your blog and never use the admin account for posting, knowing that you should delete the first account created so no account has a user ID of 1.

And for the infrequent blogger, keeping it up to date when you don't login very often to see the "you need to update X" messages, and not knowing how to set things up so your blog emails you when something needs your attention.

It's a 3-5 hour job to do everything and not for the faint of heart, non-techie, or wordpress newbie. But once done, it's quite secure and easy to keep everything up to date.

And yes, I did all of this that I could, and more, for the site I set up for tomos and I am managing it for him, so all he has to worry about is posting his images....I take care of the rest. I even made a bunch of sample posts for him to learn from.

And I was offering to do the exact same thing for cranioscopical, if he wants it, so all he will have to do is install WLW on his wife's computer and show her how to use it, which is easier than using AOL email.

But a simple out of the box install is very easy, if that's all you want or care about.

What about Arles Image Web Page Creator

for easy...wouldn't squarespacebe the best?

squarespace is way easier than wordpress.  if wordpress takes hours to setup, squarespace takes minutes.  i'm talking full customization and everything.


er... no, I meant to say WordPress!


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