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Trying to find icon location.

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I have just created a new shortcut for a batch file that runs my main internet connection and put it in Quick Launch.
I would like to change the icon to match my other network shortcuts but I can't find the icon which is this:

In the Network Connections window (Windows 7) the same icon is used for all the network adaptors but I cannot find which DLL or EXE contains it.
Does anybody know?

If it's in a DLL, notice that retains the name of the DLL (and gives it to the icons).

But if it's a shortcut you created, can you just right-click it, >Properties >Customize?

EDIT:  Sorry I just reread and saw that it's a Windows 7 system thing, so right-clicking might not work.  YOu still could bulk extract all the icons from your system dlls (it would take all day), then find the icon and thus the name of the dll.  (maybe....   I'm not a programer)

Thanks for the reply but I have Icons Extract and a list of the most common icon containing DLL's and EXE's, unfortunately it wasn't in any of them.

I wasn't certain when I originally posted but I have had this problem before, if I open properties for one of the shortcuts I created directly from Network Connections while the shortcut itself shows the icon in my first post the properties window is showing this icon:

Somehow between the properties window and the task bar it gets changed.

If all else fails I suppose I could make an identical icon but that would be a pain as for one thing I would need to make sure that the actual image was the same size as in the existing icons.

The original has got to be in the OS somewhere, I just don't know where.

EDIT: The icon in question appears to be netcenter_28 which in Icons Extract looks identical to my first image, unfortunately if you add it to a shortcut it comes out looking like this:

Which appears to be the lower part of my second image.

Whatever is going on with these icons?

Not sure why it's giving different images...
Have you tried a global search for "netcenter*" though?  Presumably there is a netcenter.dll or netcenter.exe someplace in the system folder... 

It appears in C:\Windows\SysWOW64 in netcenter.dll and netshell.dll but when you go to view it in iconsext it changes.


Ah, it's a multi-image icon, just extract it and step through the various images within it.


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