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MasterSeeker 1.2 - Incredibly Fast File Search Engine!

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Tried it this morning after reading the above descriptions.  It is indeed a fine interface.  In particular I like the simple filtering tools you've built in that make narrowing easy and fast.  I've replace Search Everything with MasterSeeker thanks to the interface/capabilities.

A welcome addition would be the ability to export the found set to a text file so that one can work with the results.  I'd have a toggle between full path and file/folder name only.

Sorry 2 say but I do NOT like it for 3 reasons:

1) It needs Admin rights to execute (Win 7 Ultimate)
2) Does NOT find/ searches files on my removable USB Stick (exFAT).

Exactly the same behaviour as Everything that I am using (mostly) to search files.

3) Puts a file named 'MasterSeeker.UACBypass.1c30b0f01bab979f9a024ebfad9ee14f' into the C:\Windows\System32\Tasks directory!

Positive: it is lightning fast!

Could you make it work with exFAT???

I have only just found this and was impressed enough to install it.

I do have one request, I would like to be able to set where it opens on the screen.

MasterSeeker tries to connect sites that seem not to be available anymore.



I checked Everything Search, or Swiftsearch, or NTFS-Search, but don't think they connect with the Internet.

Also when disabling 'Update' options.


I am not sure about planetnana


MasterSeeker regulary checking for updates. This is normal behavior just like any other software on the market.
The Auto-Update only represent whether MasterSeeker update itself without asking or not. There is not way currently to disable the checking for update process.

planetnana is an alternative place for put the updates if something goes wrong with the main site. planetnana is shared hosting service so there is a lot of other accounts there that is not related to MasterSeeker.


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