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MasterSeeker 1.2 - Incredibly Fast File Search Engine!

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If MasterSeeker is able to find the .xml file in its own directory please do not let it create the %APPDATA%\DxCK folder.
I've seen quite a few apps that still "mess" with %APPDATA% | %LOCALAPPDATA% even if they claimed to be portable (and ofc with their config files in the correct place).

Apart from that there are no avoidable traces that MasterSeeker leaves behind  :Thmbsup:

One thing I'm missing badly (or I'm to blind to find it):
The possibility to exclude specific drives / partitions from indexing

E.g. I don't need my system drive to be indexed (in 99 of 100 cases) because all my data is on a different drive

is it just me, or does the website not work anymore?  I end up going to some portal for other sites.
I end up getting redirected to 

RE: Azuretoad.  No it isn't just you.  I went through a lot of multuiple links including addictive tips and every one of them sent me to some weird "alternate site index".

I was able to get Ver 1.5 from I happen to LOVE Everything so anything better or faster is something I wanted to see.  But the weird "trip around the sites" thing I have no idea what happened.  Not your imagination anyway.

Hi DxCK, thanks for such a fantastic program. Was a really nice bit of syncronicity, as I found MasterSeeker right after posting a question here: about why windows takes so long (!!!) to search for a file! Great to see MasterSeeker posted and discussed here on donationcoder as well.

btw - everyone - as an aside, the defragger at the forum I posted the question at, is well worth taking a look at. Absolutely fantastic defragger - because of the placement strategies it uses. I find instead of needing to defrag once every day or two, now I only need to do once every six weeks or so, if that!

Again, thanks DxCK :)

Holy Moly DxCK!  I had forgotten about this and found it again by Accident. I JUST posted a need fore this EXACT trype of program. Nothing else I found would give me this exact type of readout.  PERFECT!  Many Thanks and it works Great right out of the "Box" :-* :Thmbsup:


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